3 Simple Steps to Choosing an Experienced Digital Capture Technician

You’ve just booked your first shoot with a high profile agency.   They already have four more commercials on the books.  So if all goes well, you’re golden.  The agency told you to use “your people” for the shoot.  But you’ve been freelance for so long that you don’t really have a team ready to scramble for tomorrow’s early call.  And everyone you trust is already booked.

What do you do?  Ask your buddies who they use for their digital technicians?  Or an absolute last result, put out an ad on Craigslist?

But the truth is that either way, you never know who you are going to get.

Even if you book through a well known agency, are they giving you their top tech?  Or are they sticking you on a complicated shoot with someone just out of their 10-day training program?

Don’t let that happen to you.  Today’s shoot is tomorrow’s future booking.  You’re reputation is always at stake.  Even if it isn’t “your fault.”  The client always thinks it is.

As a photographer, you have to manage more than just the image in the lens.  Today, cameras are computers with a lens.  Complicated digital workflow and image capture can make or break a high profile shoot with just one unlucky glitch.  To ensure that never happens you need the most experienced digital capture technicians.

But what makes digital capture technician experienced?

What does a photographer need to look for?

Keep reading.

In just a moment, you’ll discover the 3 Simple Steps to Choosing an Experienced Digital Capture Technician.

So much can happen on the initial shoot to the final printed image that it’s crucial to have an experienced team who understands exactly how your captured images will translate into the final print that will wow your client and get you booked for your next job.

One of IMAGE MECHANICS’ top technicians Don answers these questions.  Heralding from New York, Don is a former magazine publisher, graphic designer and has been creative director on national ads.  He understands and speaks the language of art directors; an essential skill as art directors literally work over his shoulder and assess every captured image the photographer takes.

IM:  Can you elaborate on the difference between an experienced technician and one who is simply trained?

DON:  It’s the smallest details of a shoot that affect the success of the final image.  Inexperienced or only technically trained technicians often miss the more subtle aspects to image capture that need to be addressed on the shoot.  And that is assuming everything is going well.  If there is any glitch, a technician needs to be an experienced creative thinker.

IM:   Why do capture technicians need to be experienced creative thinkers?      

DON:  On a shoot there are so many different components that have to seamlessly work together.  There’s the computer, software, and cameras just to name a few.  Of course, when troubleshooting, you first need to go through the standard steps.  But when that doesn’t work you need a technician who is a creative thinker.  We have to think outside the typical troubleshooting steps and look for creative solutions to keep the work flow and the shoot moving.   

IM:  You mentioned that IMAGE MECHANICS technicians are photographer-oriented.   What does that mean?  And why is it important?

DON:  Digital technicians are there to work for the photographer and make the shoot go as smoothly as possible.  Nothing is worse than when personalities clash.  Like a hair in milk, it can affect everything.  Experienced photographer oriented technicians are flexible and invisibly adjust their working styles and even their personalities to that of the photographer to make the digital capture flow seemingly effortlessly on every shoot.

Do you want to experience the ease and flow on your next shoot with a digital technician who is:  experienced rather than just trained, a creative thinker, and photographer-oriented to make your next high profile shoot a success?  Call us today at 323-207-0616.


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