Do You Know What Your Clients Really Think About You?

As a photographer, cinematographer, videographer, producer, and/or creative agency, have you ever wondered what really affects your relationship with a client on a shoot?

Too often clients don’t ever tell you what they are really thinking.  Which is crucial information every photographer and creative needs to know.

On a shoot there are hundreds of critical calls – from the obvious to the not-so-obvious that make or break your chances of becoming your client’s “go-to” photographer and creative for their next well-paid project.

So how do you become your client’s #1 photographer who delivers that exceptional final image every time?

At IMAGE MECHANICS, shoot to impress is our motto.  We’re here to ensure that you become an invaluable asset to your client’s team.

In this exclusive interview, one of our top technician stars, Dan with 20+ years experience, gives insider advice on how to continuously get booked for the most coveted and competitive jobs in the industry.

IM:  How do you impress your clients?

Dan:  It starts with the right equipment.  For still or motion capture, I only shoot with the Red Epic camera.  It captures the highest resolution still and motion raw images which allows for the most advanced retouching.  And, it’s so small you can shoot anywhere.  Clients love it as it expands their shooting possibilities.

IM:  Today everyone is concerned with budget.  And, rightly so.  But when does trying to save money affect the quality of the final shot?

Dan:  The worst thing that can ever happen on a shoot is the unmentionable: a lost image.  Which happens more often than most capture technicians would like to admit.The lighting can be perfect.  The model can rock the shoot.  But if there is any technical glitch, if your technician can’t fix it immediately, you will burn through your budget at an alarming rate.  Imagine 15 people at $30/hour standing around waiting… and waiting for a novice technician to fix a digital work flow glitch that is beyond their comprehension.

Not to mention, if you’ve skimped on an inexperienced technician, you can blow your budget on time-consuming digital uploads that should have been safely stored before you wrap.

IM:  Has IMAGE MECHANICS ever lost an image?

Dan:  NEVER.  And this is why.  It’s not our calibrated cameras and Macs.  It’s the fact that we are handpicked trained service professionals with decades of experience in the industry.  We understand what each client needs and what’s really important; like making sure each and every frame is secure and safely stored.   We’re fast but most importantly; we are reliable so that the client can walk out the door feeling relaxed, successful, and 100% confident with the perfect final shot.

If you want to have an experience like this with experienced and reliable digital technicians who make your work flow easier and that will impress your clients, call us at: 323-207-0616.



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