The Best Kept Secrets About Digital Capture Every Photographer Should Know

IMAGE MECHANICS interviews top digital technician Chriswho has 20+ years of on-set film experience and 10+ years as renowned lighting expert.  He is regularly requested by the renowned photographers such as: Peter Lindbergh, Norman Jean Roy, Sam Jones, Andrew Eccles and more.

IM:  So much is on the line with a big budget photo shoot.  How does hiring a trained experienced digital technician ensure success?

Chris:  Inexperienced digital techs simply capture images.  They don’t have a trained eye to understand exactly what they are looking at on the monitor which compromises the quality of the final shot.

IM:  What does an experienced trained eye catch that would otherwise slip through the cracks?

Chris:  At full zoom, an image may be even slightly out-of-focus or not properly exposed due to a glitch in the lighting.  Or the color isn’t balanced correctly.  It can also be a wardrobe or prop issue that isn’t sending the right creative message.  Sometimes at full zoom, I’ll see that the model’s hair needs a touch up.  During production, nothing is inconsequential.  Everything, especially the slightest detail, counts.

IM:  If these issues aren’t caught and corrected on-set, what happens?

Chris:  A photographer’s worst nightmare is to walk away with a hard drive full of unusable images.  That’s why you don’t want your digital tech to only “capture images”.  That can cost a photographer their reputation.  Not to mention costly post-production for major retouching.  In this business, nothing is worse than when a digital tech doesn’t catch a fixable issue.  Or if they do see it, they are too afraid to speak up on a high budget celebrity production.

IM: What expertise and experience do you bring to a production?

Chris:  An experienced tech like myself takes the pressure off the photographer.  They know I’m mico-checking every detail of the exposure, color balance, focus and more.  That puts photographers at ease and allows them to spend more time talking to the models and focusing on the creative direction with clients.      

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