What Every Photographer Needs to Know About Fine Art Printing Before You Shoot!

This week, features an exclusive interview with trusted custom fine art printer, Eddie whose prints have been featured in Minotti and other respected venues.

IM:  How important is the photographer / fine art printer relationship?

EDDIE:  It’s everything and this is why: printing images that will impress corporate clients, private collectors, galleries, and museums is all about paying attention to the smallest detail which includes a large amount of forethought before you print.

IM:  What does a photographer need know before choosing a fine art printer?

EDDIE:  When photographers try direct-to-print labs because the prices seem so low rarely are they truly satisfied with the final result. Why? You can’t control the process and interaction between the photographer and printer is extremely limited. Even worse, you never know who is working behind the counter.  The printer may be experienced.  Or it may be their first day. At a lab, the responsibility is on the photographer to give the printer exactly the right printing information with little or no consultation.  And if a photographer doesn’t get it exactly right, they end up paying for a very expensive education in what can go wrong.

IM: How does using a custom fine art printer like Image Mechanics differ from using a printing lab?

EDDIE: Our clients never have to guess about what is exactly the right medium, size, and material to print onto achieve a striking result that will sell in galleries or be recognized in museums.  In a consultation, we focus on the photographer’s long and short term goals for a print including the fine art print’s archive potential.  Whether a photographer wants a print to last twenty, fifty, or seventy years makes a huge difference on what paper you decide to print on, even down to the glue you use.  Truly, every choice a photographer makes is critical, which is why photographers need to be involved in (not separated from) the printing process.

IM:  What do photographers need to know about fine art printing before they shoot?

EDDIE: Often photographers have only seen their beautiful images on a tablet or screens and don’t fully understand the reality, capability, and limitations of that image when printed, especially on a large format.  That’s where we come in.  We consult with the photographer on the true potential of every digital file:  how sharp it will be, how the colors and contrast will appear in each size, how and where you want to sell it, and how archival you want your print to be.  That way the final printed image will never be grainy or too noisy and lose its quality on a large format.  Photographers work with us because they get the print that they want every time.

IM:  What can photographers expect when they work with Image Mechanics?

EDDIE: Printing is the final bridge between the vision of the photographer and the reality of the capability of their digital file.  It’s too expensive and risky to guess when it comes to printing.  Simply there are too many variables that can disappoint not just the photographer but also their clients. This is the reason that most famous photographers traditionally use their own custom fine art printer. By working with custom fine art printers like us, we get to know exactly what your needs are and what your taste is so we can deliver exactly the print you need every time.

If you want to experience having your own custom fine art printer who you can trust to get you the print you and your clients dream of, call us today at: 323-207-0616.


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