IMAGE MECHANICS’ revolutionary data archiving system Pro•Storage has changed the way professional photographers safely store their million dollar images that saves thousands in storage costs.

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Sample Interview Questions:

  • What is Pro•Storage?
  • Why is Pro•Storage pink?
  • Why is it safer than running external hard drives?
  • Why should professional photographers use Pro•Storage over their digital archive system now? 
  • How does Pro•Storage save money and how much?
  • Is it safe if the internal hard drive is exposed and open?
  • How do you access your data? 
  • Where can you purchase Pro•Storage?
  • How many do you need?

F.O.A.M General Press Release



Image Mechanics Offers a Product for Safer, Maintenance-free, Off-Line Data Storage For Thousands of Dollars Less,

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – October 20, 2011 – Image Mechanics  is lightening your data load! The company today announced an ingenuitive alternative to cumbersome, expensive storage technology. Pro•Storage. The Pro•Storage insert can safely store up to 24 bare hard drives (18 within the smaller unit).Using inexpensive 1.5 or 2terabyte hard drives, the product can provide 48 terabytes of half-cost storage – saving users in-excess of $4,800.

Professional photographer, amass a large amount of data.  Most photographers take unnecessary risks because it’s hard to justify the cost of multiple RAID devices. The Pro•Storage product lets photographers store data safely off-line.

Pro•Storage is safer than traditional methods of storage in three distinct ways. First, it is designed to fit into small and large file cabinet drawers, or bankers filing boxes, Pro•Storage. Secondly, the product is made from specially designed closed cell, anti-static foam that protects your drives from static electricity and shock. Lastly, plugged in hard drives are constantly spinning and generating tremendous heat. This ultimately degrades the lifespan of the storage mechanisms and makes long term archiving unreliable. Professional photographers are all too familiar with a crashed drive– a peril no one with this amount of data can afford to risk. Pro•Storage is entirely offline, saving the hard drive from unnecessary damage.

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About Pro•Storage

Pro•Storage is a breakthrough product for digital data storage. It delivers safe, reliable and inexpensive storage that can be easily secured in a locked file cabinet, closet or safe. With sizes that can accommodate 18 or 24 hard drives, Pro•Storage’s specially designed closed cell, anti-static foam protects your drives from static electricity and shock.

About Image Mechanics

Image Mechanics is an industry leader providing state of the art still and motion digital capture to photographers, cinematographers, videographers, producers, agencies and editors. With simultaneous West Coast and New York City capabilities, Image Mechanics custom computer imaging programs deliver effective digital infrastructures to capture, perfect and store each and every shot. From image capture and editing, to data recovery and storing, Image Mechanics works to perfect its client’s vision.

The company’s impeccable reputation is due to superior service, elite tech and creative team, and 100% client identity discretion.

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