With IMAGE MECHANICS, you’ll experience

  • The best handpicked experienced technicians so you can relax, be creative, and focus on your clients’ needs
  • The fastest loading images so you’ll have more time to shoot without ever worrying about how quickly your images load
  • State-of-the-art still and motion equipment gives you the advantage of the most advanced technology available today
  • Custom calibrated true color monitors so you don’t ever have to guess what the final image will look like
  • In-house retouchers so you can retain 100% control over your final image
  • On-site capabilities in the US and internationally, so you can expect the same level of expert technicians anywhere you shoot
  • Boutique service and competitive pricing, gives you the individual attention your shoot needs while staying on budget
  • Impressive same day deliverables, so you can wrap your shoot, deliver your final shot, and invoice your clients timely and effectively 

These are just a few of the reasons why you can trust IMAGE MECHANICS to capture, store, retouch, and print your flawless final shot that impresses your clients. We’ll do our part to make you the most sought after photographer in your field.

If you want to experience the most seamless, stress-free, and productive shoot of your career that gets you hired again and again, call us today at:  (323) 207-0616.

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  • Digital Still Capture
  • Post Production
  • File Storage

We have NEVER lost an image. Nor will you, when you work with us.

As a professional photographer, you don’t have the time or energy on a shoot to worry about digital capture. Let alone put your camera down to troubleshoot with an inexperienced tech when there’s a workflow glitch, which can instantly burn through any budget.

Your clients need to be impressed with your mastery and creative direction on-set. From your lens, to the expert digital capture, to the delivery of the final perfect image, we make sure everything goes right with still image capture so you can focus 100% on taking a flawless shot.

Our integrated imaging solutions, image capture services, and advanced custom digital workflow solutions lets you relax and focus on doing what you do best:  create the right atmosphere and energy on-set to capture powerful images and impress your clients.

Regularly requested by A-list talent, high level clients and advertising executives, our team of in-demand expert technicians know exactly what needs to happen on any big budget shoot. We are the backup support that sets the stage for you to deliver on time, on budget that great high concept visual to blow away your client’s expectations.



  • HD Video Capture
  • Editing
  • Color Grading
  • Camera Operators
  • Special Effects

Are you walking away from opportunities to become even more valuable to your clients?  Do you want to offer video and motion in addition to your still photography services? And increase your revenue streams as a professional photographer?

Today our industry is more competitive than ever. Clients are demanding online motion assets that need to be captured on-set during a still photography shoot.

To easily fulfill your client’s every request IMAGE MECHANICS provides everything you need for motion image capture with our expert digital imaging technicians. We have the most experienced team of cinematographers, camera operators, editors, video post production, special effects, and custom motion workflow.

Whatever digital motion capture requests your clients make, we can fulfill that need with a highly qualified A-list DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) team, in-house and state-of-the art motion capture and editing equipment.

IMAGE MECHANICS has all the resources, professional roster of techs, and equipment to add motion digital capture to your next still shoot.

CLICK HERE to view our work:

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  • Retouching
  • Data recovery
  • File processing

Do you want to ensure that your always clients call you first, then you should consider this.

Today, retouching photos is as important as the shoot itself. As a photographer, you need to keep 100% creative control over the final image you deliver to clients.But, if your retoucher is inexperienced or only does average work, the final image will be a disappointment.  And that absolutely cannot happen.

At IMAGE MECHANICS, our team of experienced full-time in-studio digital artists will not only make you look like you are one of the top shooters in your genre but we will also deliver a final image that will blow your clients away. We specialize in fashion and beauty retouching, compositing, color correction and alteration, and much more.

When you make us your in-house photo retouching department, you will always retain 100% control over your final image.

View retouching samples from one of our acclaimed digital artists, Robin Huber

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  • Fine Art Printing
  • Custom Printing

IMAGE MECHANICS offers photographers the advantage of on-demand custom and fine art giclee printing. Our professional and fine art printing experts are here to answer your every question to ensure that you and your clients are blown away by the final result.  We are known for producing stunning museum quality prints.  IMAGE MECHANICS gives professional photographers the flexibility of printing any quantity you need, in any size, and on multiple paper mediums.

Every image is printed from the highest resolution digital file available, using premier quality 12-color ink-jet printers.  Our printing technology creates the most accurate coloration that will make your clients feel like they are looking at the screen.  With so many printing options, we consult with you to ensure that you choose the right printing method and medium to make your images truly come to life.

Whatever your professional photography niche is, your images will get the attention to detail they need and deserve with our fine art and custom printing.  And whether you are a professional photographer in the U.S. or internationally, you can count on us to make your images stand out, pop off the page, and get your work recognized.

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Would you like to never have to worry about maintaining and servicing costly equipment on a regular basis?  Would you like it always delivered free of charge on time for every shoot – so you never have to worry about being behind schedule or your critical gear not making it in the truck?

Today computers are complex and high quality digital cameras are expensive. Professional photographers need the advantage of state-of-the art perfectly maintained camera and lighting equipment to ensure consistent and reliable quality.

IMAGE MECHANICS provides you with the most advanced and highest performing still and motion camera equipment in the Los Angeles and New York City areas.  Perfect for any sized shoot and every type of photographer, we’ll deliver hassle-free to your door everything you need from cameras, computers and custom calibrated monitors, to lights, strobes and grip equipment.

Clients have said that our custom calibrated monitors provide the highest quality previews of the shoot on set.

Top professional photographers trust us to deliver exactly what they need when they need it.  All our gear comes with experienced digital capture technicians who expertly know how to stage every shot and create a seamless workflow.

Every package includes free of charge a back-up of critical gear such as digital backs, cameras, lenses, computers and cables.

IMAGE MECHANICS proudly provides the highest performing equipment including: