Would you like to never have to worry about maintaining and servicing costly equipment on a regular basis?  Would you like it always delivered free of charge on time for every shoot – so you never have to worry about being behind schedule or your critical gear not making it in the truck?

Today computers are complex and high quality digital cameras are expensive. Professional photographers need the advantage of state-of-the art perfectly maintained camera and lighting equipment to ensure consistent and reliable quality.

IMAGE MECHANICS provides you with the most advanced and highest performing still and motion camera equipment in the Los Angeles and New York City areas.  Perfect for any sized shoot and every type of photographer, we’ll deliver hassle-free to your door everything you need from cameras, computers and custom calibrated monitors, to lights, strobes and grip equipment.

Clients have said that our custom calibrated monitors provide the highest quality previews of the shoot on set.

Top professional photographers trust us to deliver exactly what they need when they need it.  All our gear comes with experienced digital capture technicians who expertly know how to stage every shot and create a seamless workflow.

Every package includes free of charge a back-up of critical gear such as digital backs, cameras, lenses, computers and cables.

IMAGE MECHANICS proudly provides the highest performing equipment including: