Still Capture

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  • Digital Still Capture
  • Post Production
  • File Storage

We have NEVER lost an image. Nor will you, when you work with us.

As a professional photographer, you don’t have the time or energy on a shoot to worry about digital capture. Let alone put your camera down to troubleshoot with an inexperienced tech when there’s a workflow glitch, which can instantly burn through any budget.

Your clients need to be impressed with your mastery and creative direction on-set. From your lens, to the expert digital capture, to the delivery of the final perfect image, we make sure everything goes right with still image capture so you can focus 100% on taking a flawless shot.

Our integrated imaging solutions, image capture services, and advanced custom digital workflow solutions lets you relax and focus on doing what you do best:  create the right atmosphere and energy on-set to capture powerful images and impress your clients.

Regularly requested by A-list talent, high level clients and advertising executives, our team of in-demand expert technicians know exactly what needs to happen on any big budget shoot. We are the backup support that sets the stage for you to deliver on time, on budget that great high concept visual to blow away your client’s expectations.