The safest way to store your 3.5″ hard drives is in ProStorage. It’s made from specially designed closed cell foam that protects your drives from static and shock. Our patented ProStorage design fits into small and large file cabinet drawers and banker’s boxes. Thanks to ProStorage, it won’t be easy for someone to walk away with your important data because it’ll be locked away.

Eliminate the costly external hard drives and reduce the risk of drive failure. Put an end to all of the power cables, blinking lights, and drive failures. These costly enclosures trap heat which degrades the lifespan of your hard drive. Simplify your workflow by saving your data on bare SATA hard drives and storing them in our patented FOAM.

The foam storage unit works great along with the dual dock. I use the internal hard drives just like I used to use floppy disks and the system works great! We’ve got nearly 2 million hi-resolution images stored on a number of drives cataloged by year so it’s very easy to grab a drive from the foam storage unit and pop it into the dock. Thanks for a great product!

~Mike, 1 Look Back LLC Photography