Make the Right Impression with your Clients with Our Team of Capture Technicians

How would you like to work with an Emmy and Academy award-winning team of recognized digital capture technician experts?

Then you want the IMAGE MECHANICS still and motion team on your next shoot.  We free you up so you can focus 100% on creating the energy, atmosphere and directing the talent, so that you can create that visual that will impress your clients. Our award-winning team is handpicked and is regularly requested and put to the test by top celebrity photographers, cinematographers, videographers, producers, agencies and editors.  Simply put, the best photographers in the world love our technicians.   Why?  Because we free them up from all stress and worry of the technical aspects of every shoot.

Based in Los Angeles with full NYC capabilities, our team is available to travel on-site anywhere in the US or internationally.  We employ only a highly experienced team of hand picked digital experts who provide instant on-set solutions to every production or client need.

Each of our techs has a longstanding impeccable reputation in the industry and is known for simply being the best at what they do.


Carlos Carlos has over 12 years in the capture and motion industry and won an Emmy for his work on the Band of Brothers TV series.  He has worked with notable clients in advertising, film & television, catalog, editorial and photo-libraries across the US and internationally in Europe.  He speaks Spanish and Italian fluently.

Chris Chris has 20+ years of on-set film experience and 10+ years as renowned lighting expert.  He is regularly requested by the renowned photographers such as: Michael Grecco, Peter Lindbergh, Norman Jean Roy, Sam Jones, Andrew Eccles and more.

Don Don, having been creative director on national ads, speaks the language of art directors; an essential skill as they literally work over his shoulder assessing every captured image the photographer takes.  With an experienced understanding of exactly what art directors’ need, Don pre-problem shoots even the most obscure detail to ensure the a successful  production to capture image you want.


Dan Aaron Aaron is a cinematographer with over 10 years in film, web, and broadcast as a Director of Photography.  He is a leading expert with RED and DSLR cinematography and is famed for his award-winning, never-been-done-before, film perspectives that impress clients.  He works across multiple formats ranging from short-form spots to feature-length documentaries.

Dan Daniel Daniel is our resident red camera expert and digital cinematography specialist.  He has 25+ years experience blending technology and the arts to create memorable and mind-blowing images.